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America is failing Black moms during the pandemic (

The pandemic is making the maternal health care crisis worse. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We Want More Justice For Breonna Taylor Than The System That Killed Her Can Deliver (

Under a reparations framework Breonna’s family - and all of us - are also entitled to more than an individualized response to what is a systemic problem.

Man seen in area of homemade explosive at Portland protest ID’ed as ex-Navy SEAL (

Shortly after someone threw a makeshift explosive device at protesters in Southeast Portland early Saturday morning, a man wearing dark clothes and carrying a military style helmet with night-vision goggles was videotaped near the area. Multiple people say the man in the video appears to be a retired U.S. Navy SEAL and former Central Intelligence Agency contractor who has worked in Afghanistan -- and spoken out on social media against the nightly Portland demonstrations.

Stacey Abrams and Janelle Monáe on the Fight for Democracy in an Election Season for the Ages (

The former Georgia Representative talks to singer and fellow Atlantan Monáe about voter suppression, Joe Biden, and whether Abrams herself will one day run for president. (The answer: “Absolutely.”)

Winter is coming: Why America’s window of opportunity to beat back Covid-19 is closing (

The United States has a chance to make things better before things get much, much worse. But much of the country appears to be squandering the opportunity.

I Did My Own Abortion Because Texas Used COVID-19 as an Excuse to Shut Down Abortion Clinics (

One woman reveals the lengths she went to in order to receive an abortion when Texas clinics closed due to the pandemic.

Lovecraft Country - Official Website for the HBO Series - (

Learn more about the HBO series Lovecraft Country.

Research Associate (

Position Description: Data for Black Lives is a movement of activists, organizers, and mathematicians committed to the mission of using data science to create concrete and measurable change in the lives of Black people. Since the advent of computing, big data and algorithms ...

If You Want to Protect Black Women, Start with Megan Thee Stallion (

“Protect Black women” is floating around social media, but there’s a more powerful sentiment that Black women are undeserving of being shielded from violence.

Portland police arrest hate crime survivor Demetria Hester during Sunday protest (

Portland police arrested Demetria Hester, a well-known Black activist and survivor of a 2017 hate crime, Sunday night during a short-lived protest outside the headquarters of the police union.

The Ride From Hell: 20+ Women on Why They're Suing Lyft for Sexual Harassment & Assault (

A rideshare is supposed to be the safe option after a night out, but for these women, the reality was the opposite.

Police Violence in Portland Protests (

The A.C.L.U. of Oregon says the police “are making a mockery of the First Amendment.” Also: Planned Parenthood and Black women; a free pass for Russia; universal internet; weekends in a pandemic.

Looting and Chaos Erupt in Downtown Chicago, With Widespread Damage and Shots Fired (

Chaos erupted in downtown Chicago early Monday morning, with widespread looting at countless businesses, property damage and shots fired both at and by police.

The Verzuz Effect (

Timbaland and Swizz Beatz's Verzuz battle series has grown since its March debut from a needed quarantine-era distraction to a vital cultural phenomenon.

Biden’s V.P. Pick Is Said to Be Imminent (

Joe Biden’s advisers are planning an announcement for the middle of the week as his search concludes, people briefed on the selection process said.

'Hamilton' star Leslie Odom Jr. almost didn't do the movie over pay equity: 'If my Black life matters, make sure I can take money home to feed my children' (

Odom says he was still in negotiations for his salary for the filmed version of “Hamilton” the day before it was set to begin shooting.

INSIGHT: It’s Time to Drop the Pretense About Abortion Restrictions (

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in June Medical Services struck down a Louisiana law requiring doctors to have privileges at a local hospital in order to perform abortions. Alice Clapman, litigator for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, says it’s time to recognize that many state abortion restrictions billed as “common sense health and safety regulations” are nothing more than tactics to hinder care, especially for rural communities and people of color who face systemic barriers to health care.

Judges cite John Roberts' opinion in reversing block on Arkansas abortion laws (

A panel of federal appeals judges used Chief Justice John Roberts' opinion in the Supreme Court's recent decision protecting abortion access to allow several Arkansas abortion restrictions to go back into effect -- a seemingly counterintuitive outcome that advocates on both sides of the abortion issue had predicted.

What Happens to Viral Particles on the Subway (

Many New Yorkers are avoiding the subway, fearful of jostling with strangers in crowded cars. Masks and social distancing are essential, but good air flow is also key to reducing the risk of exposure to the coronavirus.

The Artist and Filmmaker Envisioning a Safer World for Black Women (

Interspersing found footage with original interviews, Ja’Tovia Gary makes poetic video works that elucidate the realities of racial injustice — and how the country might change.

The Huge Minimum-Wage Reform in Biden’s Disability Plan (

The partisan divide on disability rights is bigger now than at any time in recent memory.

Sheriffs Have A Lot Of Power Over Whether Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Can Vote (

They can either make necessary voter registration and ballot materials accessible to people in their custody, or make them impossible to obtain.

Gas explosion levels 3 Baltimore homes; 1 dead, 1 trapped (

BALTIMORE (AP) — A “major gas explosion” completely destroyed three row houses in Baltimore on Monday, killing a woman, injuring several other people and trapping at least one person in the...

The Digital Abolition Hour: Abolition 101 (

Join us for a conversation on abolition with organizers Bridgette Simpson and Micah Herskind.

The Guantanamo-Like Torture Warehouse of Chicago (

A criminologist explains The Guardian's piece on Homan Square and how police got away with denying suspected criminals their rights.

How Kamala Harris or Tammy Duckworth as VP could impact the Asian American vote (

Largely overlooked in the public VP discussions, Biden's selection of a running mate with Asian American roots could appeal to growing populations in key states.

Join our final push rally for Ilhan Omar! (

Join Naomi Klein, Angela Davis, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Barbara Ransby, and V (formerly Eve Ensler) in a final push rally for Congresswoman Ilhan Omar! We’ll get inspired together before joining the campaign for their final push to get out the vote.

Going Online for Sexual and Reproductive Health: Meaningfully Engaging Adolescent Girls and Young Women for Smarter Digital Interventions – Women Deliver (

A research study to understand how adolescent girls and young women in India, Malawi, and Rwanda are using digital platforms to learn about their sexual and reproductive health.

Ambition Has Always Been ‘Ladylike’ (

Nostalgic for the sexism unleashed in response to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run? Welcome to the prolonged Democratic veepstakes.

John Legend’s Get Lifted Film Co & Sony Pictures TV Developing ‘Paper Gods’ For ABC; Nia Long To Star & EP In Political Drama (

EXCLUSIVE: John Legend’s Get Lifted Film Co and Nia Long are teaming up with Sony Pictures TV to bring the saga of on power, race  and political intrigue of Goldie Taylor’s 2018 best seller Paper G…

Tell Austin City Council: Fund Support Services for Abortion (

Texas has dozens of restrictions that create real barriers for people who need access to abortion care. Send an email to Austin City Council and the Mayor and ask them to continue funding for practical support for people who need abortion care now.

Biden’s Fantasy of Female Submission (

The Democrats have completely botched this VP pick.

What It’s Like to Be Pregnant or a New Parent During the COVID-19 Pandemic (

Will the hospital be short-staffed? Will my prenatal appointments be canceled? Will my infant be exposed to COVID-19?

The NATAL Summit (

A digital gathering to explore the future of care for Black birthing parents

National Organizing Director (

Position Description: Data for Black Lives is a movement of activists, organizers, and mathematicians committed to the mission of using data science to create concrete and measurable change in the lives of Black people. Since the advent of computing, big data and ...

As veterans and VA staff report USPS prescription delays, officials say order early (

The vast majority of Department of Veterans Affairs prescriptions are fulfilled by mail. But as U.S. Postal Service delays mount, more and more veterans are reporting delays in getting critical medications and VA staff say the problem is only growing.

#Asians for Abolition (

A conversation about abolitionist politics and transformative justice between Asian activists, authors and organizers.

The ��Blue Shift’ Will Decide the Election (

Something fundamental has changed about the ways Americans vote.

Call Mitch McConnell Now! (

Join us for a Moral Monday Digital March to Stop McConnell’s Misery, Meanness and Mayhem! We will honor the dead and flood the phones of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to push for a full and just relief package.

Report: Big Ten will not play in 2020 (

A major step has been taken in the march toward what’s feeling like an inevitable cancelation of the 2020 college football season. The Big Ten voted to cancel the 2020 season and will formally announce that decision tomorrow, the Detroit Free Press reports. Dan Patrick said on his radio show that the presidents of the [more]

LDF Files Petition for Rehearing En Banc in Case Challenging Alabama’s Photo ID Law | NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (

Today, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. (LDF) filed a petition for rehearing en banc in its lawsuit challenging Alabama’s racially discriminatory photo ID law. In a split decision last month, a panel of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals declined to reverse a district court opinion that granted summary judgment to the […]

Children Can Get Severe COVID-19, CDC Says — Especially Black And Hispanic Children (

One out of three children hospitalized for the coronavirus was admitted to the intensive care unit, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, analyzing data from 14 states.

What’s Next for Your Birth Control Coverage After ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’ (

The good news is that most people will still have birth control after this decision because most employers want to cover it.

Guard becomes first San Quentin employee to die from COVID-19 (

A 55-year-old San Quentin State Prison guard has become the first employee at that...

Health officials are quitting or getting fired amid outbreak (

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Vilified, threatened with violence and in some cases suffering from burnout, dozens of state and local public health officials around the U.S. have resigned or have been...

The Whole Concept of ‘Unlawful Assembly’ Is a Mess (

“Unlawful assembly” is like “illegal writing” or “forbidden religious exercise”: There surely may be such a thing, but what qualifies?

Meet Texas Isaiah, First Trans Photographer to Shoot 'Vogue' Cover (

The milestone "reflects how deep institutional racism, homophobia, and transphobia has been and how much it has impacted creative careers and people's basic needs and resources," he says.